Software Business with large overheads


Testimonial From Chris Morgan MD Lynx Information Systems

Following a successful office move to New Malden in South London Lynx  was focused on increasing client opportunities from the new premises.

Managing other business costs was not a priority at this stage until that is when they began receiving extraordinarily large bills from the incumbent energy supplier.

“Not having the time or indeed the experience to shop around for an alternative supplier we were recommended by my accountant to speak with Sancus says Chris Morgan MD of Lynx.

“They were able very quickly to take the problem we were facing and, using their knowledge and access to the right suppliers identify a suitable supplier with a competitive tariff saving the business from any more large energy bills.”

“By using Sancus my team were able to continue focusing on meeting our clients needs whilst they solved my energy problem and all for the price of a cup of coffee!”

Chris  Morgan

Managing Director

Lynx Information Systems