Elm Park and Riverside Children’s Nurseries

Elm Park Nursery

Sandra Taylor the owner and director of two very successful children’s nurseries in south London, Elm Park Nursery and Riverside Nursery, was finding her time dedicated to managing the growth of the two nurseries meant she had little time left to monitor and assess her suppliers performances.

Sandra asked Sancus to review three high value areas – Telecoms, Waste Management and Energy.

Her telecom costs appeared high, the existing waste supplier performance was poor (late, missed bin collections) and costs of collection had also increased substantially over recent years. In addition both nurseries energy costs appeared high relative to consumption.

Following an assessment of these three areas Sancus identified cost savings in all three areas achieved by approaching the wider market and identifying new suppliers who were able to offer the same or better service for a lower price.

Savings of over 40% were achieved from changing the waste management supplier and a further 13% on energy costs.

Sandra continues to build her businesses safe in the knowledge that Sancus will review each supplier on an ongoing basis to ensure that both nurseries continue to benefit from the best service at the lowest price.