Premium Car Workshop in Newbury

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“Sancus provided us with an opportunity to lower our costs in areas including energy, merchant cards and telecoms but also found suppliers that provided excellent customer service.

The level of savings achieved such as over 60% on our merchant card fee’s was very impressive. I am confident Sancus will help keep my costs down leaving me time to improve our services to our customers” – Louise Automerc

Elm Park and Riverside Children’s Nurseries

Elm Park Nursery

Sandra Taylor the owner and director of two very successful children’s nurseries in south London, Elm Park Nursery and Riverside Nursery, was finding her time dedicated to managing the growth of the two nurseries meant she had little time left to monitor and assess her suppliers performances.

Sandra asked Sancus to review three high value areas – Telecoms, Waste Management and Energy.

Her telecom costs appeared high, the existing waste supplier performance was poor (late, missed bin collections) and costs of collection had also increased substantially over recent years. In addition both nurseries energy costs appeared high relative to consumption.

Following an assessment of these three areas Sancus identified cost savings in all three areas achieved by approaching the wider market and identifying new suppliers who were able to offer the same or better service for a lower price.

Savings of over 40% were achieved from changing the waste management supplier and a further 13% on energy costs.

Sandra continues to build her businesses safe in the knowledge that Sancus will review each supplier on an ongoing basis to ensure that both nurseries continue to benefit from the best service at the lowest price.

Software Business with large overheads


Testimonial From Chris Morgan MD Lynx Information Systems

Following a successful office move to New Malden in South London Lynx  was focused on increasing client opportunities from the new premises.

Managing other business costs was not a priority at this stage until that is when they began receiving extraordinarily large bills from the incumbent energy supplier.

“Not having the time or indeed the experience to shop around for an alternative supplier we were recommended by my accountant to speak with Sancus says Chris Morgan MD of Lynx.

“They were able very quickly to take the problem we were facing and, using their knowledge and access to the right suppliers identify a suitable supplier with a competitive tariff saving the business from any more large energy bills.”

“By using Sancus my team were able to continue focusing on meeting our clients needs whilst they solved my energy problem and all for the price of a cup of coffee!”

Chris  Morgan

Managing Director

Lynx Information Systems

Saving a restaurant a fortune


Joby Wells Proprietor and Head chef of an upmarket fine dining restaurant in South London believed he was on top of his suppliers receiving the best prices and service possible in particular from his food suppliers.

Being a discerning chef he was very keen to ensure the high standards of food quality were achieved but was aware of the additional costs involved to achieve this.

Following a comprehensive review of the restaurants expenditure Sancus demonstrated to the Restaurant total savings of over 41%. These included areas such as:

Energy gas –20%

Merchant Cards – 35%

Telecomms including broadband – 47% 

Food Procurement (whilst maintaining the high standard demanded – over 12%

These savings were realised with the minimum of input from Joby who was free to focus on delivering the very best menu to his customers.



A happy Dental Practice


Smile Dental operate 3 practices within South London and pride themselves on delivering the very best customer service to it’s customers within a comfortable and friendly environment.

Delivering such a unique and successful practice costs money and lots of commitment.

Conner Ahearne heard about Sancus through a previous client and felt we could provide a business cost review that he aspired to do but lacked the time nor supplier experience.

Following an exhaustive review of the main cost areas impacting on Splendents profitability including Merchant Cards, Telecommunication and Energy, Sancus were able to identify almost £5,000 of savings.

As a result a new telecom system is being installed across all three Practices to help Splendent’s customers reach their Practice more efficiently.

Auto-fix – fixing costs as well as cars


Steve Parnham, proprietor of Auto-fix a long standing reputable car repair workshop and MOT testing station based in Coulsdon, Surrey, was undertaking his routine annual review of his business costs when he came across – Merchant Card Services.

“Many customers of Auto-fix prefer to settle their car repair bills using debit & credit card but the hidden costs of using such a facility can easily mount up for a business, eroding profit margins. I realised this is one key area I needed to ensure I was getting the very best value from my merchant card supplier”.

Finding the time and lacking the knowledge to undertake this review with confidence  Steve asked us to review the charging structure his current provider was levying and confirm he was getting value for money. Being independent Sancus is in a unique position to conduct an exhaustive review of the business needs and identify the very best and relevant merchant card provider for businesses within the auto industry such as Auto-fix.

As a result of our comprehensive charging review, Auto-fix saw Merchant Card charges reduce by almost 50% without impacting on service standards. The number of handheld terminals used has been reduced and a ‘virtual terminal’ facility introduced instead providing peace of mind in case of a handheld terminal failure.

The new terminal uses the latest up to date technology which means it is easier to use helping to improve efficiency of the business especially when completing the end of day procedure.