Reducing Costs Increasing Profits

Welcome to Sancus located between Newbury, Swindon and Oxford serving organisations small and large in the South.

Our proposition is simple. We use our purchasing expertise to lower your business costs saving you and your team time and money without sacrificing quality or value.

During challenging trading conditions many organisations first response is to cut staff numbers but this cost cutting strategy can be damaging-damaging to team moral, damaging to customer service. ‘Your team are an asset not a cost’

Managing your other operating costs more effectively using Sancus expertise and knowledge of the markets can have a greater impact on profits.

Sancus has proven examples of effective cost cutting across many business types

We engaged Sancus for a cost cutting review of our business rates – my god are we glad we did!!! This was by far the best business decision we took last year as Sancus were able to save our business in excess of £18k on our current rates payable over the next 5 years.” – Lupita Coffee House, Purley

Are your business costs as low as possible? How do you know?

SancusHelping you improve profitability by lowering your costs

Sancus are specialists in cost management, here to help you reduce business costs to improve profitability and strengthen margins.

Sancus uses it’s extensive knowledge of back office costs areas to review and identify areas for improvement in areas such as:

Energy – savings of up to 24%

Merchant card – fee’s reduced by over 65%

Telephone and broadband – costs reduced by over 40%

Waste management – collection costs lowered by over 35%

These savings are real examples and were all achieved without impacting on performances.

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Sancus is independent and uses its extensive experience of procurement and knowledge of markets to ensure you get the right supplier at the right price.

Sancus can provide effective cost management for your business as it has:

  • a thorough understanding of the cost of products and services
  • up to date knowledge of the supplier market
  • expertise across many areas of business expenditure
  • time to focus on delivering the right solution for every client

You probably monitor most costs yourself or have a member of your team do it for you. But ask yourself the following:

  • How confident are you that you know enough about the market within each cost category to ensure you get the very best deal from each supplier?
  • How do you know you have the best deal?
  • Can you really afford to spend the time needed to search and negotiate the right deal for your business?
  • Do you fully review, tender and negotiate each cost category every year?
  • Wouldn’t this time be better spent on driving sales?

Even if you think you are getting the best deal from your current suppliers call us for a no obligation cost review and find out for sure.

Call Steve on 07847453735 or email to find out more